As a discern, choosing the proper curriculum for your toddler’s education is a important choice. With so many options available, deciding which application will first-rate in shape your circle of relatives’s needs may be overwhelming. This article will discover the variations in the Abeka Academy Curriculum compared to public colleges. I’ve in my view used Abeka as a homeschooler developing up. And for the ultimate 10 years, I’ve been researching numerous homeschool curricula extensive. So, on this publish, let’s talk academic rigor, Christian content material, conservative vs. Innovative processes, flexibility, and time in Abeka vs Public School.

By the end of this text, you’ll better apprehend every software’s particular features and be better equipped to make an informed selection in your child’s training.

Academic Rigor: Abeka vs. Public School

Abeka program is known for its educational rigor and is taken into consideration greater challenging than the public school curriculum.

Students who use Abeka content generally tend to improve their analyzing, spelling, history, and geography knowledge.

One parent shared her experience where her child, who was a straight-A student in public school, was found to be struggling with Abeka content during a test.

This person wanted to use Abeka with her kids and said that when she tested them, one of her kids was as much as three grade levels behind even though she was a straight-A student at [Public School]. [Well-Trained Mind Academy Forum]

The A Beka curriculum is the level that was once found in public schools in the 1950s when academic standards were much higher.

Christian Content vs. Secular Content

It is vital to note that the two curriculum programs in question have big differences. 

One is a secular curriculum, while the alternative is a Christian curriculum. Abeka, a Christian curriculum, emphasizes teaching proper man or woman based on Christian teachings, which consist of values such as honesty, integrity, and appreciate.

In contrast, public schools teach good character through ‘ethics,’ which may have atheist or agnostic foundations

This means that the values and beliefs being taught in the Christian curriculum may differ from what is taught in public schools.

Another difference between the two programs is the teaching approach. Abeka, being a Christian curriculum, includes Bible-based totally teachings in all topics, including technological know-how and history. 

The public college curriculum, on the other hand, is designed to be extra secular and even anti-Christian in terms of religious ideals. This approach that while college students in public schools will study different religions and cultures, Christian teachings can be emphasised in another way and with less reverence in a public school than in Abeka.

The preference between the two curriculum applications in the end relies upon on the person’s beliefs and values. Some families might also decide upon a Christian curriculum, such as Abeka or BJU Press, to make certain their children are taught according to their non secular ideals. 

Others need a extra secular (nowadays anti-Christian) method, consisting of the public school curriculum teaches.

Cost of Public School vs Abeka

Public school education is provided free of cost to residents, while Abeka is a paid curriculum produced by a private company.

You can purchase Abeka curriculum for around $1,000 per student per year, which includes boxed homeschool curriculum and online video lessons.

Although it may seem expensive, it is still cheaper than sending children to a private school, which can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $100,000 per year.

Conservative vs Progressive

Abeka provides a conservative homeschool curriculum that many families prefer over the public school’s more progressive agenda

Christian families often feel their children must receive an education that includes patriotic and more conservative beliefs. 

Abeka’s curriculum is designed to satisfy this need and make sure that children obtain a comprehensive schooling that prepares them for success in lifestyles. Public faculties, on the other hand, have a tendency to have a more “woke” and revolutionary time table that won’t constantly resonate with Christian families. 

As a result, many families opt for Abeka’s software, which gives a secure and supportive getting to know environment that fosters educational and private growth.

Christian Schools vs Secular Public Schools

Abeka is a popular curriculum used in Christian schools, which includes much additional material. 

As a homeschooling parent, it is up to you to decide if any of this material is redundant or unnecessary

If your child has mastered a particular topic, feel free to skip it without restrictions, unlike in public schools. 

This will help your child avoid boredom and move through the material faster, allowing them to explore other topics.

Flexibility: Abeka Curriculum Compared to Public School

The Abeka curriculum, compared to public school, offers flexibility.

You have the option to choose between accredited and unaccredited versions

Abeka Academy is their accredited version, which is available for the same price as the unaccredited version

Opting for the accredited curriculum means your child is technically studying in an online school.

On the other hand, Abeka Homeschool is unaccredited and uses nearly the same materials

However, as the teacher, you are responsible for your child’s education

If you go with their homeschool version, you can mix and match different courses, which could benefit homeschool families who prefer to keep things more flexible.


Compared to public schools, the Abeka curriculum takes less time to complete

In primary school, you can complete your work with Abeka in just under two hours, about three and a half hours in middle school, and five hours in high school

However, the time taken may vary depending on your child’s learning aptitude

With the Abeka curriculum, you can easily skip time-consuming work if your children already know it. 

This is not an option in public schools.

Rewindable Videos for Helping Embed Content

The Abeka curriculum offers a spiral learning approach and the opportunity to replay videos and review lessons, making it easier for students to master and retain concepts.

Their video lessons are much more open-and-go. (You get fewer books in the mailed package because it doesn’t include the teacher’s manual, as the Abeka teachers do that for you!)

Creation Science Vs. Secular Science

Public schools teach a secular curriculum that includes evolutionary science. 

The Abeka curriculum, on the other hand, teaches from a Creation Science perspective based on the Young Earth theory outlined in the Bible.

Traditional Textbook Focus

Abeka’s curriculum emphasizes traditional textbook-based learning.

They prioritize foundational knowledge and rote memorization,

 which may be beneficial for some students who thrive in a structured school room surroundings.

In evaluation, public colleges may also incorporate extra modern coaching strategies, along with lively gaining knowledge of, project-primarily based getting to know in a group, and generation integration, to have interaction students and sell essential thinking abilties.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Mastery

Abeka is a famous homeschooling curriculum this is recognised for emphasizing vital questioning, hassle-fixing abilities, and mastery of cloth. 

It affords a properly-rounded schooling that is going past just memorizing facts. 

Abeka’s technique to education encourages students to assume severely and examine records. 

As a end result, Abeka students are regularly well-prepared for college and past, with robust trouble-solving and crucial-thinking capabilities that serve them nicely in all areas of lifestyles.

The Bible is a Subject with Abeka

Abeka, unlike public school, has an entire subject dedicated to teaching the Bible, which demonstrates that they consider it as an essential component of the knowledge children should acquire before graduating. 

This implies that they aim to help children develop a thorough understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ as clearly presented in the Bible. 

In contrast, public schools generally do not prioritize teaching the gospel and may sometimes appear to be anti-Christian.

Other Curricula Like Abeka

There are other options like Abeka, including:

  1. BJU Press
  2. Veritas Press
  3. Monarch

These are all Christian homeschool curriculum programs. 

Other Curricula Like Public school

There are other options like Public Schools, including:

  1. K12,
  2. Acellus Academy, and
  3. Time 4 Learning

These are all secular homeschool curriculum programs. 

On the Abeka Curriculum Compared to Public School

The decision between the A Beka curriculum and public school curriculum is a personal one. Each program has unique features, which ultimately depend on your family’s values and priorities. If you are seeking out a greater rigorous and Christian-based education, Abeka can be the manner to head. On the opposite hand, in case you select a greater secular technique that doesn’t need to attention on Jesus’ teachings, a public college curriculum may be the better choice. For me, it’s a clear winner. The Abeka curriculum, in comparison to public school, seems a much better alternative. But you are the discern, and also you get to choose!

About Rebecca Devitt

Rebecca Devitt is a second-generation homeschool mom (meaning she was homeschooled herself and is now homeschooling her own children). She lives with her two children and lovely husband, Tristan, in Australia. After spending three years in a traditional Christian school, Rebecca’s parents, Bill and Antoinette Hesford, started home educating her. She enjoyed homeschooling so much that she now spends her spare time blogging to parents about how great homeschooling can be. She runs How to Homeschool a YouTube Channel for beginners and also a website called How Do I Homeschool, which is dedicated to homeschool curriculum. SUBSCRIBE to hear channel to see more of her homeschool life.

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