Are you replacing or omitting your worn-out windows? Please stop! Before you proceed, look at this durable solution, which Creative Window Coatings supplies. And by the way, who doesn’t like the idea of an energy-efficient place at a low cost? We offer different types of window coatings for your place. These coatings will ensure you get the most benefit from your simple, old windows. Whether you add this during the building process or afterward, window coatings suit both ways.

Window coating is a microscopic, thin layer over or inside the window glass. This layer is made of ceramic, paper, or a metallic substance. It has many uses, like UV protection, privacy assurance, insulation, and reducing the effects of solar or other bright light. There are more than 14 types of window coatings on the market. There are four main types of window coatings. Let’s begin exploring them.

Types of Window coating

Creative Window presents four types of window coatings. Now, we discuss them in the following writing:

Insulation Coatings

With the increasing climatic changes, insulation window coatings have become essential for every modern building. These window coatings, unlike window films, repel sunlight. They do not heat up in the process. These ensure that your window life does not reduce due to the expansion or contraction of the glass coatings. Insulating coats can be of many types. For example,

  • Simple paint coat
  • UV protection coat
  • Sound insulating coat
  • Emissivity coat, e.t.c

These window glass coatings will keep your construction cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Textured or Colored Coatings

This coating comes in the form of wallpaper for walls. The glass of the window structure has a layer of tinted, colored, or textured glass coating. This ensures the security of your residence or sensitive areas like banks and headquarters. The colored coating is also called a security coating. Sometimes, the privacy of your place is more important than a crystal clear view. These coatings serve as protection and insulation for your homes.

Glare Control Coating

This type of window coating reduces the brightness of sunlight entering the building. It mainly does not insulate or protect you from harmful rays. They serve the purpose of low light cost-effectively because they cost less than low-E coats or insulation coats.

Low-E Coatings

These low-emissivity or low-E window coatings are the most popular on the market nowadays. They serve the same purpose as insulation coatings. Unlike paint-coated insulation, they provide a better, crystal-clear view and insulation. These are transparent, thin, microscopic layers covering the glass. They regulate the passage of solar rays. 

These can be of two types:

  • Hard coat and
  • Soft coat

In terms of their making and layering, we can classify them as:

  • Low-E1 coating,
  • Low-E2 coating
  • Low-E3 coating and
  • Low-ERs

Among these low-ERs is a type with a bonus coating on the interior of the glass. It gives enhanced protection to your building.


Window coatings protect buildings from drastic weather conditions. Creative window coatings coat your window glass to make your architecture energy-efficient. We also ensure the durability of the coatings and window structure. The four main types are glare reduction, insulation, colored, and low-E coatings. Your preference for each category depends on your needs. In short, low-E coatings serve the purpose of all types of coatings except security ones.

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