Your clients are calling for a relaxing retreat, so sparing them the anxieties of using the packaging makes you better—you are giving them the serenity they seek. The emotional warmth experienced by lighting a candle can not be duplicated by essential oil diffusers. 

Shipping candles online presents a more complicated situation than it looks at first glance to online sellers. Wax and glass candelabras have fragile construction. It is necessary to treat them delicately to make sure that they are unchanged upon arrival. 

This article will be your step-by-step guide on how to ship your candles without stress. Let’s dive right in!

Safe Candle Shipping: Tips for Packaging

Sending and processing candles is not easy due to the vulnerability of their makes and the fact that they can melt or chip during shipment. Here are some packaging tips to ensure safe shipping:

Choose the Right Box

Take a sturdy carton box that is slightly larger than the candle. Make sure it is clean and free of any previous logos or labels. This box must be tight around the candles without any additional empty spaces. Quality candle boxes adequately stop the movement and preserve the candle throughout transportation, resulting in a safe delivery of your candles to their destination. This enables you to successfully get your candles to their destination undamaged.

Wrap Each Candle Individually

Individually wrap each candle with bubble wrap or tissue paper. It will prevent the candle from having scratches and breaking during shipping. Make sure the foam wrapping is snug but not too tight. The Person-to-person package contains each candle separately so that it is in perfect condition wherever the final destination is.

Secure the Candles Inside the Box

Once each candle is in its wrap, place them cozily into the box. Filling up the space with packing peanuts or crumpled paper will prevent shifting or moving stuff. This condition ensures that the candles will not be damaged during the transit stage. To ensure safety, a stored position, inside the box, keeps the product safe from breakage or damage during delivery.

Protect Against Melting

To protect a candle from melting, utilize insulated packaging or add ice packs. Wrap the ice packs in a plastic bag, to avoid leaks. This also ensures your candles are protected against heat damage and arrive at their destination in their original state no matter the transit conditions.

Seal the Box Securely

Seal the box firmly using heavy-duty packing tape. You should reinforce the joints and edges to prevent them from gapping during transit. Therefore, the candle box must be well sealed so that candles can be kept inside and the damage or loss during shipping is reduced.

Label Fragile on the Box

Put the label ‘Fragile’ on the box to notify handlers to take extra care. This ensures that your candles are well packaged during shipping, avoiding the possibility of breakage or damage by the supplier. Clear labeling guarantees that your parcel will have undivided attention during the journey to the destination.

Consider Shipping Insurance

When you go for shipping, buy shipping insurance to protect the candles in case they are lost or damaged. Shipping insurance provides a cover for shipping loss, damage or theft while in transit. It gives you the freedom of mind that you are assured of getting compensation in case damage occurs to the shipment.

Select a Qualified Shipping Service

Select a reliable delivery service in order to be sure that your candles are delivered safely. Try to find carriers who have good reviews on taking care of delicate things. Unfailing services provide tracking features and deliver items promptly. With the help of a shipping service that you can rely on, you can be at ease that your candles will safely arrive at their destination.

Provide Tracking Information

Add tracking information so that you can trace your package’s path. With this, you can now track where it is and its estimated time of arrival. Like you and the recipient can track the item’s route, keeping your mind at ease during the shipping process. Tracking information not only increases transparency but also minimizes risk during shipments.

Include Packing Slip or Note

Include a packing slip or handwritten note inside the box if you would like to. This whole gesture makes the parcel look more thoughtful and nice. Apart from that, you might want to send a thank you note for the customer’s purchase and any vital instructions or information. A packing slip or note will be added and will be an enhancement of the customer experience and a touch of personal note will be added to the delivery.


In sum, shipping candles safely involves putting a lot of thought into using packing processes effectively. You can mitigate the risks of packaging by using the right materials, securing the candles in the box, and not forgetting to label the package. 

Having the tracking service and the shipping insurance also ensures protection of the product. 

Thus, implementing these processes will guarantee that your candles will have no troubles during their travel and will arrive neat and well-protected at their destination, delighting your clientele with an unbelievable shopping experience.

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