While selecting the type of accommodation for a large group traveling together, there are several things to remember. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure purposes, with your loved ones, colleagues or by yourself, the choice of accommodation plays a big role. Interestingly, holiday rental accommodation has become popular in the recent past, especially for group travellers. Apart from the conventional accommodation facilities, they also give comfort and convenience with the additional advantage of being more affordable than hotels while at the same time being more individualized. In this article, we will explain why holiday rental especially short-term rental will suit group travellers and how Like Home can make your group vacation exceptional.

Space and Comfort

Another benefit associated with holiday rentals is that they are spacious. In contrast to enclosed hotel accommodations, there are multiple bedrooms, living and sometimes outdoor space in a holiday rental. It means that each person within a group can have their own corner and at the same time there will be enough space for a group of people to communicate. For instance, Like Home provides a wide variety of holiday rentals, from small apartments to large houses, so that guests will find a perfect place to stay.

Cost-Effective Accommodation

Group travel is very expensive and it does not matter whether traveling to new areas because the cost of paying for multiple hotel rooms is very high. In terms of cost, holiday rentals are even cheaper since you can divide the cost of leasing a single property among the group. This can reduce the overall expenses which can then be used on other activities during the trip. 

Home-Like Amenities

Holiday rentals are fully furnished and provided with home like additional facilities that facilitate comfort throughout your holidays. The presence of fully equipped kitchens enables everyone to cook his/her own meals, thus cutting down on the costs incurred in eating from restaurants. Several of the apartments also come with a living room which can be used for movie nights or game evenings and many include private outdoor spaces which are ideal for a BBQ session or just enjoying the sunshine.

Privacy and Flexibility

Another advantage of holiday rentals is that there is privacy. One major advantage of a holiday rental over hotels is that facilities and spaces are rented exclusively to the clients. This means that there will be no distractions or interruptions on your time together any time you make your date. Furthermore, with the holiday rentals, one has flexibility in terms of the time they will be checking in or checking out depending on the plan of the entire group. Like Home pays a lot of attention when it comes to easy and flexible booking procedures to make the necessary plans depending on your group.

Ideal for Special Occasions

Holiday rentals are ideal for special occasions like birthdays, and anniversaries, or even if you are reuniting with your family and friends. It also affords a large and secluded area where one can share special moments with their family and friends. From beautiful villas to cozy cottages, Like Home can assist you in hiring the best house that will surely make your occasion special and incredibly memorable.


When it comes to group travel, holiday rentals are also the best plausible accommodation options for a number of reasons inclusively; space, comfort, cost, and experience. Some of the features of these accommodations are that they are close to the home feeling, they add to the fun of your trip since they give privacy and flexibility and you get a taste of the local culture. In case you plan to go on a trip with a large group of people, it will be beneficial to agree on taking a short-term rental with Like Home. Their professional dealing with clients, a variety of properties, and a policy of providing a home-like atmosphere guarantees that your group will have a good time. Why not make your next group travel trip the best and choose a holiday rental with Like Home?

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